The first School of Spinograph will take place March 25-28 2014. It is ideal for master and PhD students who are starting to do research on the spin physics of graphene and related two dimensional crystals. The primary goal of the school is to provide training to the researchers hired by SPINOGRAPH, but  the School will accept the enrollment of a limited number of external students, that should submit their application  through the form available at this site. 


List of Topics

  • Introduction to the electronic properties of graphene and graphene bilayers
  • Introduction to the spin and pseudospin physics in graphene
  • Theory of Magnetism in graphene edges and defects
  • Probing magnetism in graphene 
  • Experimental  techniques to probe spin transport in graphene
  • Spin Hall physics
  • Properties of other two dimensional crystals
  • Spin relaxation mechanism in graphene